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Cacophony, Emily Kerski

OPTION: Wyche & Sheehan

by Emily Kerski Guitarist Daniel Wyche opened this evening of improvisatory music with a set showcasing the extended techniques he has recently been developing. What
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 3

by Eli Namay  Imploding Signs 1  Imploding Signs 2  On Cultural Struggle: Artistic Militance and the Abolition of Value acts as a both a statement on


by Max Erwin  I. What just happened The percussionist, composer, and ensemble member Owen Davis recently made a chart showing what he considered to be the

GeoFancy March 2017

Friend of Experimental Music, Geez, I was going to write about spring, but here we are in winter, for what seems like the first time
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 2

Reflections on Luis Fernando Amaya’s Objeto/Espacio no.2: Variaciones y Bagatelas by Eli Namay “...the plant-seeking botanist and the colony-seeking naval officer shared a similar mindset.
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 1

Imploding Signs 1: Deconstructing positivist and essentialist notions inherent in dominant modes of signification by Eli Namay  1. Teasing Out Contradiction: framing the problem and

People Doing Things

A brief survey of bodies in music, specifically in the music of Pierluigi Billone, and even more specifically in Mani. Matta for marimba and multi-percussion.

Walking Marbles, Tortoises, and the 99 Cent Store: An Interview with Carolyn Chen

by Kenn Kumpf

a•pe•ri•od•ic will open its 2018-19 season next Sunday night (Oct. 14th) at 8:30 p.m. on Constellation’s Frequency Series as part of a double bill with vocalist/composer Carol Genetti. a•pe•ri•od•ic will give the Chicago premiere of Carolyn Chen’s In 1839 it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking.Read More...

Eliza Brown’s A Soundwalk with Resi: An Extended Program Note

Photo Credit: Yonatan Aljadeff

A Soundwalk with Resi by Eliza Brown

Extended program note by Jessica Aszodi

Resi is a child in late-19th-century Austria who will grow up to be the wife of a Field Marshall. Her given name is Maria Theresa, but that sounds too formal for a small person who prefers outdoors to in, so her mother calls her Resi.


F-PLUS and ~Nois at Constellation

by Emily Kerski

The lobby of Constellation is like a warm living room; there’s something about the glow of the low orange lights, the sense of community as people gather at the door. It seems everyone knows everyone as they discuss projects, ask fellow musicians about what is coming up next, catch up with colleagues, revisit connections, dream bigger, make plans.Read More...