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Author: Jillian Degroot

Cosmological Plants / Corvus Corax / To Speak of Future Delights – Second Annual Festival of Poets Theater: Night 1

by Amelia Ishmael

“If poets theater is a form of sociability, page play, agitpop, or post-dramatic theater,” read the curatorial note handed out before the first performance, “fully distinct disciplinary boundaries have internally divided it as a field, and dispersed our knowledge and the influence of its practitioners.” If theater can be music, choreography can be composition, performance can be sound, and sound can be poetry; but how does one approach hybrids such as motion-poetry and theatrical sounds?… Read More...

Narloch, Sies & Stevenson play Pisaro at Constellation

by Tamas Vilaghy, photos by Jeff Kimmel

The chaos of construction on Western Ave has finally passed Constellation, but the subdued dread of the urban experience has only migrated inside. A modestly-sized but dedicated audience sat in deep contemplation last Sunday as Michael Pisaro’s Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation was not so much played as suspended in midair by the trio of Christopher Narloch, Chris Sies, and Isaac Stevenson.… Read More...

In Response to Dal Niente Season Opener 9.18 by Tamas Vilaghy

by Eli Namay

Tamas Vilaghy’s recent review of Dal Niente that addressed identity politics and curation ultimately exposed the limitations of binary thinking when describing complex sociopsychological phenomena. In dealing with aspects of collective and individual psychology that manifests as implicit bias (unconscious, misordered desire), such as white-supremacy and patriarchy, we should not critique or propose paths forward by using binary formulas that reduce the complexity of internal lives to a set of should/should not logic gates.… Read More...

GeoFancy October 2016

by Tore Vedis Lubbock

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Dear Friend of Experimental Music,

A lot has happened since I last predicted your future. Importantly, many of you who turned to the stars for divination had your confidence rocked by NASA’s recent mention of the 13th astrological symbol Ophiuchus.… Read More...