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photos by Jeff Kimmel

Going to a Dal Niente show at Constellation is always a really warm experience for me. I saw like 50 people I really like, and heard pieces by people I really like (Ray Evanoff), as well as a piece by someone who I didn’t know I really liked, but based off minimal conversation in the midst of me fan-boying hard after his piece was premiered, I think I really like (Murat Çolak). Mabel and Ray’s piece I liked, and it has a lot to do with the fact that I love both of them and they are great people. I don’t know Amanda that well, but I think she’s a super engaging performer, and although the pieces she performed made me anxious (I was almost out of breath just watching!), I do enjoy watching her wholeheartedly commit to outrageous complex entanglements of body and mind. I don’t know Mark Andre at all (jk I definitely awkwardly met him at Darmstadt in 2012 and he seems really nice), and I didn’t really believe that he meant it when he wrote the harp/tam-tam/bass drum piece. Like, I don’t know that he really put himself into it, it didn’t sound like a person with feelings and anxieties wrote it. But again, I don’t know him that well, so it’s hard to make those claims. Inversely, I didn’t know Murat before seeing his piece, but I did feel the pre-performance conversation brought me into a world where I felt like I did. Michael did a really good thing there (something he meant, I may add) that helped me as a listener feel more connected to the composer, while remaining humble and free of an agenda. I think it allowed me to know the right amount about who Murat is, about his mannerisms and philosophies, enough to believe him. It’s simple, just a casual conversation, but I think it made a difference. I say this because I thought Murat’s piece was the one of best pieces of “New Music” I’ve seen, and like Ray and Mabel’s piece for example, I think it had a lot to do with how I felt about the people who were wrote/performed the piece. Murat had a genuine energy, and felt like a welcomed addition to our Chicago community. He shared something intimate, and I think it was hugely inspiring and uplifting.

Also – just like, damn Murat’s piece layed it down really hard and I was definitely grooving super hard to it the entire time.

– Zachary Moore