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Cacophony, Emily Kerski

OPTION: Wyche & Sheehan

by Emily Kerski Guitarist Daniel Wyche opened this evening of improvisatory music with a set showcasing the extended techniques he has recently been developing. What
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 3

by Eli Namay  Imploding Signs 1  Imploding Signs 2  On Cultural Struggle: Artistic Militance and the Abolition of Value acts as a both a statement on


by Max Erwin  I. What just happened The percussionist, composer, and ensemble member Owen Davis recently made a chart showing what he considered to be the

GeoFancy March 2017

Friend of Experimental Music, Geez, I was going to write about spring, but here we are in winter, for what seems like the first time
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 2

Reflections on Luis Fernando Amaya’s Objeto/Espacio no.2: Variaciones y Bagatelas by Eli Namay “...the plant-seeking botanist and the colony-seeking naval officer shared a similar mindset.
Cacophony, Eli Namay

Imploding Signs 1

Imploding Signs 1: Deconstructing positivist and essentialist notions inherent in dominant modes of signification by Eli Namay  1. Teasing Out Contradiction: framing the problem and

People Doing Things

A brief survey of bodies in music, specifically in the music of Pierluigi Billone, and even more specifically in Mani. Matta for marimba and multi-percussion.