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Month: May 2016

Review: FAY VICTOR / TYSHAWN SOREY DUO at Constellation on 5/14

by Eli Namay

Tyshawn Sorey and Fay Victor are both relentless and focused improvisers.  Last Saturday they collectively cultivated a space of sustained intensity over the period of two hour-long sets. Without a hint of hesitation or apology, there was a deep emotional connection between the two that created a subtle musical environment of playful exchange.… Read More...

Interview: Rhys Chatham

by Amelia Ishmael

An interview with Rhys Chatham

Amelia Ishmael: When was the last time that you were in                                                                                                  Chicago, and what did you do?

Rhys Chatham: I’ve been in Chicago so many times, it all drifts into one beautiful story.… Read More...

Photo Essay: Fonema Consort, Pictures of an Exhibition 5/1 at Constellation

photos and text by Tim Porter

Fonema Consort‘s recent concert, “Pictures at an Exhibition,” explored the relationships between music and visuals, with works drawing inspiration from painting, drawings, photos, and videos/sculpture. This photo essay returns from the sonic back into the visual, folding that relationship onto itself once again.… Read More...