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Month: September 2016

Ensemble Dal Niente Season Opener 9.18

by Tamas Vilaghy
photos by Jeff Kimmel

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The problem of curation has surfaced in new music circles over the past few years as a distinct phenomenon. The act of programming has of course entailed practical and aesthetic challenges for centuries, but it is only the institutional critique of 60s abstract art which problematized the presentation of art as integral to artistic practice.… Read More...

GeoFancy September 2016

by (the esteemed) Sievert Buckblood

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Figure 1. Result of the original interpretation of gum spots, containing all of the houses and geomantic figures used to tell the future.

Friend of Experimental Music,

On my way home from central Indiana, I pulled over at a rest stop just east of the Illinois border.… Read More...

Performance at ARC Gallery 8.26

by Kurt Chiang, photos by Tim Porter

An expectation for this show at the ARC Gallery was that “This will prove to be an intense concert, an immersive world of sound and visual art.” The scheduled program lists an untitled piece, fragments, and the segment of many words, while an immersion can mean to enter into a body of water, or overtaken over by a flood.… Read More...