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GeoFancy March 2017

by Sievert Buckblood

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Friend of Experimental Music, Geez, I was going to write about spring, but here we are in winter, for what seems like the first time this year. Maybe global climate change has begun to end the seasons and climate proper. Soon we’ll just have weather. Dissociated from annular cycles, the weather on any given day could range from “wintry mix” to “the heat is on”. Anyways, if spring isn’t in the air, it’s definitely in the ground and I have proof. Take a look, for example, at this extra-typical Chicago-style front yard plot that I geomanced for us just a few days ago. While most of the foliage is of the variety that wilts upon fall’s first frost and remains plastered, gray-brown, to the hardened earth, I urge you to look just a little bit deeper, a little further. Yes that’s right, a pop of green pokes through. Probably tulips, and maybe that Svedka bottle replenishes itself from winter’s fermented root juices—the seductive machinery of spring longer days and periods of increased temperature is upon us. Friend of Experimental Music, I recently saw a really long piece of music that dispenses with trajectory, replacing climate with weather. Familiar musical fragments disappear and reappear at unpredictable intervals. A favorite chord might come back often and for unpredictable lengths of time, or else it will appear once, never to return. Obviously the point of disanalogy to the weather is an important one; Morton Feldman’s unpredictable patterning won’t cause death/famine/extinction.

BUT I saw players, and, to a less extent, audience members endure 5.5 hours of this ambitious work in a unique mixture of reverence, athleticism, and camaraderie. It was a powerful thing, and I’m extremely grateful to all that made it happen, Spektral Quartet most of all for doing a crazy hard thing (with style to boot). But Friend of Experimental Music, it made me feel good about our City In The Garden.  We are ready, NAY excited, to engage difficult things in order to make some powerful stuff happen. But Friend of Experimental Music, don’t ask me, I’m merely the diviner; let’s consult the geomantic tableau! Fortuna Major, Populus, Via, and Caput Draconis are our Mothers this month, extremely positive figures all. The geomantic houses they occupy are responsible for family, cash, and life.  I think once this spring snow clears we might all find a couple of twenties underneath, hang together at our friendly neighborhood establishment and plot our next ambitious schemes. Sound good? See you there! Lucky numbers/letters are 2,8,12,13 n,o,t,a,z,u,g,t,f

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