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Year: 2017

Danny Clay and Earsight Duo: (idk not really) a review (but more like a re-view or a re-thinking and def a mis-remembering)

by Michael Lewanski

Jacques Attali, in the inconclusive final chapter of his book Noise: The Political Economy of Music[1], writes about composition in a way that is not common; in contrasting it with the mechanism of repetition (i.e., reproduction) that has preceded it in the 20th century, he says composition is (or should be) (or will be) something

in which the musician plays primarily for himself, outside any operationality, spectacle, or accumulation of value; when music, extricating itself from the codes of sacrifice, representation, and repetition, emerges as an activity that is an end in itself, that creates its own code at the same time as the work.