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3 on 3 at Constellation

Text by Lia Kohl, Photos by Tim Porter

3 on 3 is a monthly series at Constellation Chicago which provides a meeting space for improvisers of various media, with a focus on physical movement, acoustic music and live electronics. The series was started in 2014, inspired by a similar series in Amsterdam called OORSPRONG, described endearingly and aptly on their website as a “mixed blinddate+instant composing”.

At each event, three artists are asked to curate small groups of 3-6 first-time collaborators to present short improvised sets.  In this way, a form that already allows for a good amount of artistic freedom and dialogue is taken to the next level; sometimes artists meet for the first time on the stage, or longtime friends become collaborators. Because it is conceived as interdisciplinary, 3 on 3 is also a catalyst for different communities to come in contact with one another, often giving way to new collaborative efforts.

The following photos come from a particularly diverse event on May 9th, 2016. Curators Megan Schneeberger, James Falzone, and Lia Kohl brought together musicians Hamid Drake, Carol Genetti, Ryan Ingebritsen and Nick Mazzarella, movers Alice Shepherd, Jessica Cornish and Josh anderson, and puppet artist Eryka Dellenbach.

August 24th they present a new program, check it out here.

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