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Lia Kohl

Born in New York City, Lia Kohl is a cellist and performance artist based in Chicago.

Her work as a performer is deeply collaborative, and she is constantly seeking the meeting point between creative minds. She has worked extensively with dancers, poets and visual artists, and is inspired by new and different ways of thinking. Fascinated by the illusory medium of performance, she endeavors to blur the lines between the pedestrian and the formal, and the obvious and the absurd in an attempt to bring her artistic practice into daily life—and vice-versa. She is a passionate interpreter of contemporary music and an avid improviser. She holds a B.M. and an M.M. in Cello Performance from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and Chicago College of Performing Arts, respectively.

Her work with the magazine focuses on bringing together Chicago’s many vibrant music and performance communities.