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Tim Porter

Tim Porter is not the Tim Porter who is a photographer based out of Marin County, CA, nor the photographer based out of Tokyo, Japan. He is not the Tim Porter who is a mandolinist of wide-ranging musical interests rooted in the blues, jazz, Celtic, Indian, and worship genres, all of which (do not) connect with Tim’s heritage. He is not a Richmond-based rapper. He is not an itinerant lecturer, with two subject areas; music and the middle ages. He is not an Adjunct Instructor of Applied Guitar at Schreiner Univerity in Kerrville, TX. He is not a business professor at George Mason University, nor the dean of the UNLV College of Sciences. He was not a Professor in Mathematics in the University of Wales, Bangor until they shut the maths department down. He is not a high school Sociology/Government/History teacher at Mineral Ridge High School in Ohio. He is not the Director of Technology and Student Achievement at South Lane School District. He is not the Tim Porter who is a licensed realtor in Wisconsin and Minnesota, neither is he an insurance agent for Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee in Madisonville. He is not a candidate for Todd County Sheriff. He is not the Chief Financial Officer of Porter Family Vineyards. He is not the Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, focused on investing in B2B companies in the Pacific Northwest. He is not the writer, director, and editor based in South East London, who recently worked as an editor in Game of Thrones. He is not the chief arborist for the city of Charlotte, NC. He is not a pediatrician in Chicago. He is also not the Tim Porter that went to high school with the Tim Porter that is Tim Porter, nor is he the Tim Porter who owned a chocolate store in Tim Porter’s home town, who was the father of the Tim Porter that went to the same high school as Tim Porter.

Tim Porter is a data artist that uses complex systems of transformation to create abstract forms. He works in a range of media, including performance and installation works. He is based out of Chicago, IL, and his portfolio can be viewed on the sixth page of Google Search Results for “Tim Porter”. He deals with the genericity of his name daily.