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Diversity in Chicago

Diversity Data in Chicago New & Experimental Music

collected by the editors

The data below focuses on venues, ensembles and festivals that Cacophony covers with greater frequency, as well as our own contributors and articles. Data represents concerts, ensemble structures, and articles from 12/1/2015 to 12/1/2016.

The data was collected for the purposes of awareness, self reflection, and as a call to action, not as a participation in call-out culture.

Please inform us of any mistakes or overlooked information. We are not statisticians and fully accept the possibility of error.



Cacophony Magazine Writers and Representation

We analyzed Cacophony Magazine’s writers as well as the content of the articles. It is not only important who is writing, but who is being represented publicly in the magazine. Our contributors include both our writers and photographers.

Data was collected beginning with the magazine’s inception in April 2016.



Chicago Venues and New Music Series’

For venues, we analyzed the data according to performers, since a venue’s role is to curate those who perform, not those who compose. We primarily represented events categorized as new or experimental music. Because Cacophony focuses on those particular communities, we did not represent jazz or indie rock shows. Several venues present a variety of genres, many of which may be more inclusive and diverse than Chicago’s new and experimental music community.



Chicago New & Experimental Music Ensembles 

For ensembles, we analyzed the data according to composers and performers, since an ensemble is ultimately responsible for who they commission as well as for their own performers. Several groups did not make their archived performances public. In those cases, date ranges are represented as they appeared on their websites. Some ensembles listed their concerts, but did not list programs within those concerts. In cases like these, we simply did not incorporate those concerts into the data.