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GeoFancy February 2017

by Sievert Buckblood

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Friend of Experimental Music,

It’s hard, you know. If I had to describe what it feels like to geomance during these bleak January days, metaphorically, I’d say it feels TERRIBLE. Lately, many others have expressed that they’re “done” with geomancy. Remember the early days after our PoS demagogue got elected and some folks said things like, “he’s an empty shell of a PoS human and doesn’t really care about anything; he just wants to get elected, then he’ll moderate.” Dear effing lord.

Friend of Experimental Music, while that PoS demagogue doubles down on all of his campaign’s most loathsome promises in vivid, real life, I understand it when you say, “I don’t want to geomance anymore, it’s ‘insignificant.’” And I won’t tell you, “Hang in there. Geomancy is significant,” because it isn’t. BUT, I urge you, Friend of Experimental Music, while you rightly remain vigilant, and not just vigilant, but active, take care of yourself too.

In these dark days, let’s worry not about the ‘significance’ of geomancy, but attend more to its nourishing qualities. When you find the perfect snow drift, blackened with a special kind of filth, with twigs and rubber bands, cast in the shadow of a parking garage, allow yourself to experience a flicker of pleasure and think, “I want to geomance the shit out of that snowdrift.” Consider, Friend of Experimental Music, pausing, admitting pleasure, geomancing and feeling renewed, feeling a health that allows you to return to THE SHIT with a vigor.

For February, I geomanced a classic late January, Chicago-style snowdrift. It revealed to me that this month’s Judge, Laetitia issues from Witnesses Amissio and Albus. Laetitia is an extremely positive geomantic figure representing joy and health. Amissio represents loss while Albus, wisdom.  SO if I’m doing my geomantic math right, we have the equation: loss + wisdom = joy and health. Classic theodicy, which has its problems, but maybe it’s an okay way to conclude, or at least move forward. In our dark world we see heartening mobilization and protest born of climactic horrors. Let’s keep it going, fueled by a thirst for justice, but maintained by self-care and the sustaining powers of pleasure.

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