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GeoFancy November 2016

by Brobeck Olivedust

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Dear Friend of Experimental Music,

I hope you’re well. You and I both know that the day approaches when the gears of commerce cast a premature darknesse over our Urbs in Horto. In less than one week, Friend of Experimental Music, we will leave our day jobs, pass our building’s threshold, foot will meet sidewalk and we will enter the depths of night. Rough days ahead, or should I say, nights.

Anyways, while passing through one of Chicago’s venerable institutions of music education, I happened upon an incredible pile of meaning: loose Flamin’ Hots comingled with popcorn, plastic, paper scraps, ketchup packets, leaves, and wild unnamed species of dust. My heartbeat slowed to the frequency of the fundamental Schumann Resonance, and then, dear Friend of Experimental Music, I set about to scry your future.

The geomantic houses immediately revealed a strange symmetry to me. Incredible that a chaotic trash pile can reveal powerful structural patterns. Though, Friend of Experimental Music, you and I already know this to be conceivable thanks to our preference for difficult listening.  But WHAT, you ask, does it mean for you this November?

Via occupies the positions of both Left and Right Witness, yielding Populus as the Judge. Via suggests strong forward motion, while Populus is passive and inert. Interpretation: abundant activity ultimately prevents you from forward motion in any one area. You’re juggling too many projects and it’s mucking everything up, Friend of Experimental Music. In order to get through this, you should put aside one or more of the things you care most about in life: circuit bending, writing music, apple picking, leaf pile jumping, browsing thrift store record bins (pro-tip: it’s all just scratched-up Mantovani anyways), research projects or cultivating arcane spiritual practices.

One great positive outcome from this time of deep inertia—you will defeat your enemies. YES, your enemies. Aquisitio in house XII tells us that your enemies are strong in November, but Populus the Judge will help you to vanquish them. Maybe you will vanquish through the power of inertia. Example: construction on Western Avenue (enemy) makes it difficult to get to a show. Solution: vanquish your enemy (ambition) by staying home. Maybe this wraps everything in a tidy bow, Friend of Experimental Music. You work too hard. Just don’t do it.

Other quick take-aways: the fiery Rubeus in House VI signals poor health, Laetitia in House III augurs laughter with family (Tofurkey w/ mushroom gravy), Puer in House II means you’ll make a bunch of cash and spend it on something under-considered.

Well, Friend of Experimental Music, enjoy yourself during these high-quality final days of late fall.  But be careful. To quote a friend, “November seems odd. You’re my firing squad, November”.

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