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GeoFancy October 2016

by Tore Vedis Lubbock

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Dear Friend of Experimental Music,

A lot has happened since I last predicted your future. Importantly, many of you who turned to the stars for divination had your confidence rocked by NASA’s recent mention of the 13th astrological symbol Ophiuchus. Friend of Experimental Music, you might have thought that the Babylonian’s 3,000 year-old decision to cast aside the Serpent Bearer sign left the remaining Astrological set an arbitrary and incomplete collection. You may have thought, “I am Serpent Bearer”. Well, Friend of Experimental Music, if you’re feeling lost, let me recommend geomancy for your divination needs. It remains true to its origins, its solidity matched only by the permanence of our unchanging Earth’s surface.

Friend of Experimental Music, I strolled down Michigan Ave. past a planter landscaped with sod, bejeweled with exotic papers and plastics. In this magnificent scene, I recognized something of myself and also of you. I asked Earth to speak to me, and Earth spoke thusly:

With Puer as the Judge, October will be full of difficulty and discontent. Likely, Friend of Experimental Music, your mode of transportation will fail—flat tires on your car or bike, the CTA will experience regret for delays caused, knees will creak with changing weather. Allow extra time on your way to concerts. Remember, if you’re not early, you’re late. For good or bad, October will fly past as if riding on falcon’s wings. But enjoy your troubles, Friend of Experimental Music, because you will not always have them.

Fortunately for you, dear Friend of Experimental Music, House 1 contains Caput Draconis. And as the sign of the querent, this augurs well. While you may toil with extra difficulty in this mournful month, expect abundant reward. Maybe that free thing you did for exposure will reap “great exposure”. Maybe, while attending a concert you will find in your pocket a drink ticket that you forgot to spend from your last gig. Oh yes, and at the end of the month around the 31st, I foresee great spoils of children’s candy.

Final scryings that merit your attention: with Amissio in House 6 your poor health from September will improve; with Carcer as the right witness and Fortuna Minor as the left, your activities this month will leave an unremarkable and conflicted legacy, sorry; Conjunctio in house 9 says that you may gain new insights in personal spiritual pursuits (e.g. geomancy). Ooof, Friend of Experimental Music, this month… it’s not looking so hot. BUT, we have each other, our troubles, and we have Earth.

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