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GeoFancy September 2016

by (the esteemed) Sievert Buckblood

GEOFANCY: a monthly column about the future, and you.

Figure 1. Result of the original interpretation of gum spots, containing all of the houses and geomantic figures used to tell the future.

Friend of Experimental Music,

On my way home from central Indiana, I pulled over at a rest stop just east of the Illinois border. In the parking lot, a pattern of hardened, grime encrusted gum called to me. The pattern was full of portent. Inspired, I set out to scry your fortune right away.

Friend of Experimental Music, I bring you mixed news. Like any responsible geomancer, I refuse to mince words. With Cauda Draconis in the 2nd house, your money situation is going to be very bad. Fortunately, it’s only going to last a few weeks. So hang tough, keep an eye out for extra side hustles, maybe come up with one or two successful online business ideas, and you’ll get through this.

While money is going to be tight, Friend of Experimental Music, your life satisfaction is going to be off the charts. With Populus in House 1 and Fortuna Major as the Judge, you will be in sweet phlegmatic humor for the foreseeable future. It could be that crisp fall breeze, or that the sweet mating call of Brood V Magicicada hangs in recent memory. It could be that your favorite ensemble just announced its 2016‐17 season, that everything is pumpkin and decorative gourds, and most definitely, that overstock 8/12×11 paper is on deep discount at CVS.

Other things that merit attention: you might take a very good trip (maybe that’s the source of your money woes); with Amissio in house 3, concert attendance and scene fellow‐feeling might be a bit low; your health is going to be all over the place—bad one day, good the next. Take care of yourself, Friend of Experimental Music. Pushups and Vitamin C, every day. OK?

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