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Interview: Rhys Chatham

by Amelia Ishmael

An interview with Rhys Chatham

Amelia Ishmael: When was the last time that you were in                                                                                                  Chicago, and what did you do?

Rhys Chatham: I’ve been in Chicago so many times, it all drifts into one beautiful story.… Read More...


by Eli Namay

REFLECTING on the Genetti/Fleisenberg/Strong show from last Sunday at Elastic Arts, it is striking to me how much they share a fascination with their own embodiment, as well as with various external physical forces. They each, however, enunciate these fascinations artistically in drastically different manners, ranging from Carol’s use and love of analog synthesis, to Jim’s instrument building, to Flandrew’s large gestured articulation of the natural properties of space.… Read More...